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Planning Application Display - S/2021/0499/MAF

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Agents Telephone

Consultee List
NameSentReply DueReply Received
Crime Prevention Design Advisor01/06/202122/06/202103/06/2021
Local Highways Authority NCC01/06/202122/06/202104/06/2021
Heritage Team - Affects setting of listed building01/06/202122/06/2021 
Clerk to Kings Sutton Parish Council01/06/202122/06/202104/06/2021
Inland Waterways Association - Northampton Branch01/06/202122/06/2021 
Planning Archaeology WNC (NNC)01/06/202122/06/202117/06/2021
Elected Ward Members (Middleton Cheney)01/06/202126/06/2021 

Constraints List
Constraint CodeDescription
AHASArchaeological Asset - NCC
SLASpecial Landscape Area
CNBInland Waterways - Grand Union Canal & South Oxford Canal Corridors (Buffer)
FZ2Flood Zone 2
SWFLLow Risk of Surface Water Flooding (majors only)
AC3**** Aerodrome Consultation Area (YELLOW : Consult 1344 if works exceed 45M height)
SGW**** Technical Site Safeguarding Area (NATS) Consult 1343&1537 if works are for WINDFARM
LWSBWithin 2km of an LWS - check protocol for exceptions
LWSBWithin 2km of an LWS - check protocol for exceptions
LWSBWithin 2km of an LWS - check protocol for exceptions
MSA**** Minerals Safeguarding Area - Consult 125 if a Major Development
CILCIL Charging Zones
Application Forms (Application form redacted) 30/04/2021 273 KB
Site Location Plan (Pf10296.01 Red Line Plan) 30/04/2021 907 KB
Plan - General (21 034 01 A Highway Access Layout And Details) 30/04/2021 631 KB
Plan - General (Site Access Plan 21378 01b) 30/04/2021 116 KB
Plan - General (Las 207 01 Landscape Proposals) 30/04/2021 9 MB
Plan - General (Site Access Vehicle Tracking 21378 01b 01) 30/04/2021 89 KB
Plan - General (Rs19 686 1 Survey 1 Of 4) 30/04/2021 338 KB
Plan - General (Rs19 686 2 Survey 2 Of 4) 30/04/2021 231 KB
Plan - General (Rs19 686 3 Survey 3 Of 4) 30/04/2021 252 KB
Plan - General (Rs19 686 4 Survey 4 Of 4) 30/04/2021 285 KB
Misc Document (Landscape And Visual Appraisal Feb 2021) 30/04/2021 6 MB
Misc Document (21378 01 Access Appraisal) 30/04/2021 2 MB
Misc Document (Highway Access Proposals Drainage) 30/04/2021 16 KB
Misc Document (Road Access Background Statement By Andrew Cherry ) 30/04/2021 115 KB
Misc Document (2904 10296 Final Covering Letter ) 30/04/2021 274 KB
CIL Additional Information Requirement Form (Cil Form 1) 30/04/2021 178 KB
File Correspondence (Receipt) 01/06/2021 24 KB
File Correspondence (Acknowledgement_Standard) 01/06/2021 87 KB
CIL CAIRF Acknowledgement Letter (Acknowledgement_CAIRF) 01/06/2021 26 KB
Response Letters/Attachment - Consultees (Crime Prevention Design Advisor) 03/06/2021 74 KB
Response Letters/Attachment - Consultees (Clerk to Kings Sutton Parish Council) 04/06/2021 75 KB
Response Letters/Attachment - Consultees (Local Highway Authority) 07/06/2021 57 KB
Response Letters/Attachment - Consultees (Northamptonshire Highways) 04/06/2021 57 KB
Response Letters/Attachment - Consultees (Conservation) 14/06/2021 112 KB
Response Letters/Attachment - Consultees (Planning Archaeology WNC (NNC)) 17/06/2021 76 KB
Plan - General (Proposed) (Site Plan (including landscaping)) 22/07/2021 9 MB
Officers Report (Delegated Report PDF ) 27/07/2021 233 KB
Decision Notice (Decision Notice PDF ) 27/07/2021 229 KB
This application has now been decided and therefore comments can no longer be accepted.
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If you want to see an exact red line site area for this specific application or any plans related to the site itself please refer to the Documents Tab on this page, where all application documents are uploaded for public inspection.

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