Comment for planning application S/2019/0856/MAO

Land South of Grange Park Quinton Road Northampton
Outline application for up to 330 dwellings, land for community uses, open space, drainage, footpath improvements and vehicular access with all matters reserved other than access.
Case Officer

Mrs Ottley
7 Martlet Close,Wootton,NN4 6EX
Type of Comment
The access road for this development is totally unsuitable. The road is narrow (notably up to a metre narrower than the proposed road within the estate) and in poor condition. Adding further traffic to the road will be dangerous. Furthermore, as noted in the travel plan (appendix D), there is a national cycleway which passes through Quinton village on the road. The additional traffic joining the Wootton Road on the route of this cycleway will make the junction dangerous. The travel plan tries to sell the proximity of the estate to the cycleway as a positive feature when infact it will make the cycleway unusable/dangerous for the rest of the community. For access to be acceptable, Quinton Road needs to be widened to a full two-lane road for its full length from Wootton Road to the A508 AND a surfaced off road cycleway is required to bypass the on-road section through Quinton and Quinton Green which will become unusable due to additional traffic.
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