Comment for planning application S/2019/0856/MAO

Land South of Grange Park Quinton Road Northampton
Outline application for up to 330 dwellings, land for community uses, open space, drainage, footpath improvements and vehicular access with all matters reserved other than access.
Case Officer

Etiowo Ekanem
85 Woodlands,Grange Park,Northampton ,NN4 5BZ
Type of Comment
Are there provisions to provide additional educational capacity i.e. schools to accommodate the children in the proposed development either by building a new school(s) or funding to expand the existing infrastructure? For example: Woodland View Primary School is oversubscribed at the moment and some children who live in Grange Park could not get placements, adding children from the proposed development of 300 or more households would lead to overcrowding at school, overworked teachers and additional pressure on already stretched finite resources. In addition, building over this land will inadvertently lead to the destruction of the natural ecosystem of several animal species and birds that currently thrive in their natural habitat. These prospects point to a bleak and dismal future.
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