Comment for planning application S/2019/0856/MAO

Land South of Grange Park Quinton Road Northampton
Outline application for up to 300 dwellings and land for a new school (up to two forms-of-entry) along with open space, drainage, footpath improvements, new off-site footpath links, vehicular access and all matters reserved other than access.
Case Officer

Rebecca Marriott
2 great ground walk ,Grange park ,Northampton
Type of Comment
To whoever this may concern I still strongly object to the plans to build 330 next to grange Park. Despite the amendments the concerns and objections remain the same. The area can not sub-stain more traffic. Grange park residents are surrounded by 2 different industrial estates and the m1 and it’s dangerous and impossible to get out of our estate at rush hour points. The new houses will only add to the noise pollution and toxic exhaust pollution. The area used to be quiet and now all you can hear is traffic and this will be made so much worse by adding a new estate. There is no mention of a new doctors or dentist as residents we struggle to her in to both services without the added homes. There is also no mention of what this is doing to the wildlife in this areas. The plan is to ruin this country side and it should be left alone. Please leave our country side alone your destroying it. I strongly object to this plan
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