Consultee Comment for planning application S/2019/0856/MAO

Land South of Grange Park Quinton Road Northampton
Outline application for up to 300 dwellings and land for a new school (up to two forms-of-entry) along with open space, drainage, footpath improvements, new off-site footpath links, vehicular access and all matters reserved other than access.
Case Officer

Recreation and Leisure
Type of Comment
The single access Primary Road to the development doesn?t seem adequate for the proposed number of houses. All the houses would use this route to leave / enter the development. This would create a large number of traffic movements onto / off Quinton Road a narrow lane as well as then vehicles moving onto the existing other lanes. The proposal seems to sit in isolation to the other houses / facilities Grange Park etc in the wider area. The lack of infrastructure within the proposed development would lead to a need for the proposed residents to use vehicles to get to shops, doctors etc. This would increase traffic along the existing roads. This increased traffic flow would have a detrimental impact upon the current users of the nearby roads. For those residents who do not have a car there would be a possible issue of isolation from the wider community facilities. I would endorse the need for increased community green space land rather than development of houses.
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