Comment for planning application S/2019/0856/MAO

Land South of Grange Park Quinton Road Northampton
Outline application for up to 330 dwellings, land for community uses, open space, drainage, footpath improvements and vehicular access with all matters reserved other than access.
Case Officer

Lesley Kinsella
2 Manor Cottage,Hartwell Road,Quinton,NN7 2EF
Type of Comment
I wish to object strongly because: The traffic in this area is already very busy and is dangerous for existing residents. • The road known locally as Washbrook Lane is a very dangerous country lane and not fit for the access requirements this proposal is suggesting. • The junction of Washbrook Lane and Quinton Road is dangerous. Vehicles use Quinton Road as a “rat run” to Milton Keynes. Sightlines are poor, congestion will increase and the bends on Quinton Road will become accident blackspots. This is currently open countryside and this development over 3 times the size of Quinton will totally change the local area and cause loss of wildlife habitats, open countryside and high yielding agricultural land. The biggest issue I see us that it will be people working in Milton Keynes and will therefore increase the traffic in this alreay busy area and add little economic benefit to the area.
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