South Northamptonshire Planning

Viewing Applications

Use the Planning Applications Register to search for planning applications submitted since 1974. Use the search options to refine your search but please be aware that ‘Appeal dates’, ‘Agent’ and ‘Applicants Names’ will only show applications received after 1988 and the ‘Application Category’ applications after 1993 as this is when the coding was introduced.

If the documents are not shown please email quoting the application number and request that the required documents be made available. The council redact any personal details and will confirm when the documents are available for viewing online.

PLEASE NOTE: The planning information provided is not a full planning history of any site. It should not be regarded as an alternative to the information provided through a formal Local Land Charges Search.

Copyright in connection with Online Register Documents
Plans and documents on this site are protected by copyright law. It is provided only as a source of information about the planning applications submitted to this Council. Its provision does not give you the right to use that material in a way that breaches the copyright in that material. For instance it does not give you the right to publish it or copy it or use it for commercial or other purposes without prior permission of the copyright owner. This does not restrict your rights under the fair dealing provisions of sections 29 and 30 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

The 10-stage status field is provided to help you establish where you are in the planning process.

Planning Status

  1. Received - Application received in the department
  2. Valid - Application is valid
  3. Pending - Case Officer allocated to application
  4. Pending - Consults Despatched, Awaiting Reply - When initial consultation letters are sent to neighbours or consultee
  5. Pending - Site Visit Completed - Date of site visit undertaken
  6. Pending - Additional Info/Amendments Requested - When amended plans are requested by case officer
  7. Pending - Additional Info/Amendments Received - When amended plans are received by case officer
  8. Pending - Draft Recommendation Completed - When draft recommendation is passed to Principal Planner
  9. Pending - Awaiting Committee Meeting - When a committee meeting date is agreed for the application
  10. The decision - Once an application is given a decision it will appear in the status

How can I comment on applications?

Any comments must be related to planning issues, this guidance will help you think about what to say when you give your views. You can support or object to a proposal.

Choosing Applications To View

View planning applications by selecting one of the options below.

You can select applications based on criteria by entering any combination of dates and requirements. Alternatively, you may choose to select all outstanding application or all West Northants Development Corporation Applications (WNDC).