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Planning Application Display - S/2018/0502/FUL

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Neighbour List
NameSentReply DueReply Received
21 Hall Close Old Stratford Northamptonshire MK19 6NH28/02/201821/03/2018 
25 Hall Close Old Stratford Northamptonshire MK19 6NH28/02/201821/03/2018 
21 Hall Close Old Stratford MK19 6NH28/02/201821/03/201821/03/2018

Consultee List
NameSentReply DueReply Received
British Pipeline Agency28/02/201821/03/201806/03/2018
Clerk to Old Stratford Parish Council28/02/201821/03/201815/03/2018

Constraints List
Constraint CodeDescription
SGWPolygon, Constraint:
LWSBLocal Wildlife Site - Within 2km buffer, Name: Deanshanger Old Canal, Site ID: S546
LWSBLocal Wildlife Site - Within 2km buffer, Name: Old Stratford A5 Verge, Site ID: S571
LWSBLocal Wildlife Site - Within 2km buffer, Name: Cosgrove Quarry, Site ID: S603
LWSBLocal Wildlife Site - Within 2km buffer, Name: Deanshanger Gravel Pits, Site ID: S672
LWSBLocal Wildlife Site - Within 2km buffer, Name: Dogsmouth Brook Meadow, Site ID: S645
OILCOil Pipeline Consultation Zone, Operator: UKOP, Name: Blisworth to Buncefield (MB), Info: 50m Buffer
CILCIL Charging Zones, Name: Rural Areas, Charge: 100 pounds (sites at or above affordable housing threshold) or 200 pounds (sites below affordable housing threshold)
Application Forms (Application form no personal data) 26/02/2018 426 KB
Site Location Plan (EX100 Location Plan) 26/02/2018 293 KB
Plan - Block (PL090 Existing And Proposed Block Plan) 26/02/2018 274 KB
Plan - Floor (Existing) (EX200 Existing Ground Floor Plan) 26/02/2018 227 KB
Plan - Floor (Existing) (EX300 Existing First Floor Plan) 26/02/2018 233 KB
Plan - Elevations (Existing) (EX400 Existing Elevations) 26/02/2018 202 KB
Plan - Floor (Proposed) (PL100 Proposed Ground Floor Plan) 26/02/2018 375 KB
Plan - Floor (Proposed) (PL200 Proposed First Floor Plan) 26/02/2018 401 KB
Plan - Floor (Proposed) (PL300 Proposed Second Floor Plan) 26/02/2018 309 KB
Plan - Elevations (Proposed) (PL400 Proposed Elevations SUPERSEDED) 26/02/2018 675 KB
Design and Access Statement (180222 Hall Close Design And Access Statement) 26/02/2018 135 KB
CIL Additional Information Requirement Form 26/02/2018 1 MB
File Correspondence (Receipt) 28/02/2018 33 KB
File Correspondence (Acknowledgement_Standard) 28/02/2018 114 KB
EIA Screening Opinion 01/03/2018 140 KB
Site Notice 06/03/2018 337 KB
Response Letters - Consultees (British Pipeline Agency) 06/03/2018 9 KB
Response Letters - Consultees (Old Stratford Parish Council) 15/03/2018 6 KB
Response Letters - Neighbours (21 Hall Close, Old Stratford, MK19 6NH) 21/03/2018 3 KB
Plan - Elevations (Proposed) (PL400 Proposed Elevations AMENDED) 26/03/2018 934 KB
File Correspondence (Email from agent - re response to comments) 11/04/2018 109 KB
Officers Report 16/04/2018 18 KB
Decision Notice 16/04/2018 125 KB
This application has now been decided and therefore comments can no longer be accepted.
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If you want to see an exact red line site area for this specific application or any plans related to the site itself please refer to the Documents Tab on this page, where all application documents are uploaded for public inspection.

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