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Planning Application Display - S/2019/2279/TPO

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Neighbour List
NameSentReply DueReply Received
34 Moat Lane Towcester Northamptonshire NN12 6AD19/11/201910/12/2019 
Registrars Office The Forum Moat Lane Towcester Northamptonshire NN12 6AD19/11/201910/12/2019 
South Northamptonshire Council The Forum Moat Lane Towcester Northamptonshire NN12 6AD19/11/201910/12/2019 
The Gardens Trust 70 Cowcross Street London EC1M 6EJ04/12/201904/12/201904/12/2019

Consultee List
NameSentReply DueReply Received
Gardens Trust19/11/201910/12/2019 
Towcester Local History Society19/11/201910/12/2019 
Clerk to Towcester Town Council19/11/201910/12/201910/12/2019
Cllr Chris Lofts & Cllr Catharine Tarbun19/11/201914/12/2019 

Constraints List
Constraint CodeDescription
TCTown Confines: Towcester
CAConservation Area: Towcester
TPOTree Preservation Order, TPO No.: 02/1978, Species: Various
PG2XHistoric Park and Garden, Name: Easton Neston, Grade: II*
AHASArchaeological Assets, Name: Lactodorum, Monument ID: MNN3659
AHASArchaeological Assets, Name: Uncertain, Undated Activity, Monument ID: MNN137159
AHASArchaeological Assets, Name: Easton Neston Park, Monument ID: NN3203
AHASArchaeological Assets, Name: Probable Bronze Age Occupation, Monument ID: MNN137161
AHASArchaeological Assets, Name: Towcester, Monument ID: MNN3660
AHASArchaeological Assets, Name: Towcester to Cotton End Turnpike, Monument ID: MNN102926
BKTPRiver Bank Top
FZ2Flood Zone 2
FZ3Flood Zone 3
SWFMMedium Risk of Surface Water Flooding
SWFLLow Risk of Surface Water Flooding
AC4Aerodrome Consults, Height Consultation: 90m Obstacles
SGWTechnical Site Safeguarding Map for Wind Turbine Developments (all wind turbine applications must be forwarded to NATS for consultations, irrespective of size and location)
LWSBLocal Wildlife Site - Within 2km buffer, Name: Cappenham Bridge Drain, Site ID: S276
MSAMineral Safeguarding Area
CILCIL Charging Zones, Name: Rural Areas, Charge: 100 pounds (sites at or above affordable housing threshold) or 200 pounds (sites below affordable housing threshold)
CILCIL Charging Zones, Name: Urban Zone Towcester, Charge: 50 pounds
Application Forms (Application form redacted) 28/10/2019 420 KB
Site Location Plan (Watermeadows Tree Locations) 28/10/2019 542 KB
File Correspondence (Acknowledgement_Standard) 19/11/2019 64 KB
Response Letters - Neighbours (The Gardens Trust, 70 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6EJ) 04/12/2019 4 KB
Response Letters - Consultees (Clerk to Towcester Town Council) 10/12/2019 3 KB
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