Comment for planning application S/2018/2893/OUT

Land off Culworth Road Chipping Warden
Redevelopment of existing buildings and construction of 8 No new dwellings; re-use of existing open-fronted buildings for car parking (Outline application to include access)
Case Officer

Helen and Andy Hay
22 Byfield Road,Chipping Warden,Oxon,OX17 1LD
Type of Comment
Proposed development is within 50 feet of our boundary which breaches existing covenant – see attached letter. Existing barns will need repairs and barns are not all open at the front and are not deep enough to garage a car without extensive alterations. Such alterations would involve rebuilding of the barns which would constitute development within 50 yards of our boundary. Our integral shed is part of the existing barns and is not detailed on the proposed plans. We need reassurance that our property will not be overlooked. More detailed drawings required of height of proposed properties. Residents need their own bins located by each property or they will not look after them leading to environmental concerns, smells, rats etc. The site is visible from the road, footpath and bridleway. Confirmation that there is no intention to make an alteration to our existing access through the rear of our property to the playing field. Has consideration been made for affordable housing?
Received Date
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