Comment for planning application S/2018/2893/OUT

Land off Culworth Road Chipping Warden
Redevelopment of existing buildings and construction of 8 No new dwellings; re-use of existing open-fronted buildings for car parking (Outline application to include access)
Case Officer

Mark Healey
14 Byfield Road,Chipping Warden,Northants,OX17 1LD
Type of Comment
Myself and my partner ( Ann Robinson also resident at above address ) feel that the planning application is a little vague and needs more detail. I would question the intention to place bin storage away from the intended properties and also their intended siting against numbers 20 and 22 perimeter wall seems strange. If this goes ahead what provision is made to secure access to playing field at Culworth Road junction. .This is currently locked during certain hours and stops vehicular access ..if you intend to leave it open . . . .any vehicle can drive onto cricket pitch unhindered. 8 parking spaces for 8 properties will not be sufficient for a village where most residents will have at least 2 cars per property.This will encourage random parking elsewhere. Our main concern is future development to the south of this intended one. . .We would like assurances that this will not be the case and development is just these 8 dwellings.
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